Terms & Conditions

Last date of modification: 18th March,2019.

Arth Shastra Investments is a proprietor firm that is currently based in Rajouri (New Delhi) and operates from J – 10/25, Ground floor, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027. In case of any query regarding these terms and conditions the following contacts are to be used-

Phone number: +91 7982092585

Email ID: investments.arthshastra@gmail.com

The terms and conditions are provided in English only to avoid any misinterpretations caused by language translation. If necessary, please seek proper advice and it would be mandatory that Arth Shastra Investments be notified of any such shortcoming. It should be noted that Arth Shastra Investments would not be liable in front of any court of law if any discrepancy occurs due to lack of language tools.

By registering yourself at Arth Shastra Investments , and signing the Power of Attorney statement you signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you can ask us to terminate our financial services with a 90 day notice period.

This document contains important information regarding the terms and conditions which apply when services are rendered by Arth Shastra Investments. Please read this document carefully and retain it for future reference.

We reserve the right to modify this statement at any time by sending you a notice on your respective email ID.

  • General terms and conditions: Before availing the advisory services of Arth Shastra Investments, the client shall complete the registration process as prescribed from time to time. The client shall follow the instructions as given by Arth Shastra Investments, orally or in written. The client agrees that all investment and disinvestment decisions shall be taken by Arth Shastra Investments, for which Arth Shastra Investments would not be held responsible and cannot be tried before any court of law for the investment and disinvestment decisions taken. If the client carries out trade of securities and stocks in his demat account without prior notification to Arth Shastra Investments, he/she would attract a penalty of Rs. 1250/- per executed order.
  • Rate card: The client would have to make an advance payment of a certain percentage of the total standing value to Arth Shastra Investments at a monthly basis. This also includes the Goods and Service Tax of, 9% levied by the State Government and another 9% levied by the Government of India. As the value in the client’s account would cross. Failure to pay within 3 working days of invoice generation would attract a penalty of Rs. 750 per calendar day and prolonged non-payment may result in termination of services.  If funds are added in between the month the rate shall be applicable on them from the date of adding funds and shall be billed in together with the coming month’s invoice. The rates are given below :                                                    
Class Value Rate
Silver Class ≥ 2 lakhs 3.5%
Gold Class ≥ 10 lakhs 3%
Platinum Class ≥ 25 lakhs 2.5%
  • Withdrawal of funds: Clients can withdraw their funds when required by giving a 90 day notice or else the the funds would attract the same rate of 3% per month, even after being withdrawn, for 90 days.
  • Termination of services: If the either party is unsatisfied, or need to terminate services due to unavoidable circumstances it can be done with a 90-day notice given in writing.
  • Funds generated by dividends of buybacks: The proceeds of dividends and buybacks are transferred directly to the savings account. It is the responsibility of the client to transfer it back to the demat account within 3 working days, else he shall have to pay a 35% share of the proceeds received by him to Arth Shastra Investments, which shall be billed in together with the coming month’s invoice.
  • Security Deposit (Refundable) : The client has an obligation to maintain a security deposit at Arth Shastra Investments which shall be approx. 5% of the standing value. The security deposit will be collected in nominal amounts in instalments until it stands at the prescribed percentage. With an increase in value of the client’s demat account there shall be an increase of the obligation to maintain the updated amount of security deposit which shall be added in the monthly invoices. Please note that this security deposit is refundable when the client terminates his relations with the firm and does not wish to continue the services rendered by Arth Shastra Investments. Also, full refund shall be done only in case if the termination letter is given 90 days prior to the termination of services, else partial or no refund shall be made.